What is this world coming to?

Why Black American Flags Are Flying at Homes Across America, and What Does It Mean to You?

Warning: The answer is disturbing.

T Mann
5 min readOct 24, 2021


Young man waving an American flag in an old decaying empty theatre.
Photo by Jenni Jones on Unsplash

Disclaimer: This is not a representation of the flag mentioned in this article due to copyright infringement.

Have you seen a similar flag on your neighbor’s property, black with black embroidered stars? I hope not, but chances are if you haven’t, you soon will, depending on where you live. We know them as Trumpers, bigots, white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, Qanon followers, and racists. They call themselves Patriots.

Although this sounds like something for the history books, this dangerous flag is gaining popularity in the United States in 2021. Please do not disregard this insidious example of hate and contempt for our democracy and those who support it.

What a black American flag represents.

Historically the first black flag was known to be used by the Confederate soldiers during the civil war. Opposite the white flag of surrender, it means “no quarter shall be given.” Today we know this as “there will be no surrender, the enemy is to be killed, and they will fight to the death.

In our neighborhoods



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